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文 / 陳怡潔


「歷史傳承」的精神是在蘇格蘭駐村期間令我最為印象深刻的特質,這種感覺來自於參與格蘭菲迪威士忌之旅、蘇格蘭傳統舞會、高地競技賽等活動。活動中熱情親切的蘇格蘭人讓我感到跟他們共同活在一部活的歷史當中。除了當地生活的經驗之外,我從安迪對於蘇格蘭的大自然、農業、地理、音樂、大眾文化等文化的介紹,這些經驗使我相信所有的事物都依循著歷史的軌跡相互連結與發生。而除了歷史傳承的精神所給予的創作靈感,我也十分享受格蘭菲迪寧靜與自然的環境,因為它提供我不論在生活上或創作上都需要 “動手做些什麼” 的身體感。簡言之在格蘭菲迪酒廠駐村的三個月遠超乎我來到前對它的想像,它不僅是一個易於融入的環境,且在地的蘇格蘭文化也讓我對創作產生一個關於歷史的觀看視角。




Something View in Glenfiddich 2013


text by Agi Chen


The most impressive point during the residency for me is the spirit of “historical inheritance” in Scotland, and I had this feeling starting from every detail in whisky tour, ceilidh, and highland games. Joining these local activities made me feel I live in a living history with kindly local people. Besides the local life experience, I got further understanding from Andy’s introduction of natural, agricultural, geographical, musical, popular cultural things of Scotland. The experience makes me believe it’s the way of how history becomes a collective memory that is shared between different generations. In addition to the inspirational thoughts from historical inheritance, I really enjoyed the peaceful and natural environment in Glenfiddich, it provides me more physical sense to make something by hands, no matter in daily life or in my art works. The influence on me to live and work in Glenfiddich Distillery for three months is much further than my expectation before I arrived. This project not only integrates me into local life smoothly, but also inspires me a new angle for my art works in the cultural way of Scotland.

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